Details of the services offered by GreenHouse Landscape. For residential customers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions


How much does installation cost?

The cost of services varies based on a number of factors, including type of service, material, length, terrain, quantity, local regulations, and labor costs. A personalized consultation will help determine your needs, review your needs options, and provide a project quote.

What does the installation cost include?

As part of the service installation, we offer project management from start to finish. (Disposal fees may apply for the materials to be discarded, weeds, tree trunks, branches, leaves, brick, blocks, vinyl, wood, etc.). Before leaving your property, the installer will guide you through the final project inspection and answer any questions you may have.

Why can´t you quote a price over the phone or online?

The land around your home is an important factor in determining the cost of installing your service. Slopes, access, undulating surfaces and flat terrain are shockingly priced. Before submitting a quote, we will tour your property to understand its unique features.

What types of materials are available?

Products, plants and materials are those commonly used in the area, our service will present customized design options according to your needs and budget.

What should I expect during the installation?

During your consultation at home, our staff will determine your service needs, the person in charge of the visit will give a tour of your patio or yard, present options or alternatives and will give you an estimate of the project the same day or will send it to you the most soon possible according to the needs of your project. Then we will order your materials, set an installation date, arrange delivery of your materials, and get started. After the installation of your service, your contractor will remove any residue or components that must be deposited at the collection sites, perform a final inspection and review product and service warranties with you.

Do I need to be present during the installation?

You must be present at the beginning of the installation process to review the project plans. In addition, it is important to be present at the end of the project so that you can carry out a final inspection, review the requirements described in the contract. For any other extra service not specified in the contract, another amount agreed by the parties will be charged.